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What a month!

We're just over a month old and it's been a helluva time! As you can see, we've been busy since our 501c3 was approved by the IRS. Grass doesn't grow under our feet. To start, we already helped another local hero, Sam Bryan with Rosenberg Fire Dept, and we've planned a fundraiser on July 29,2018 for Jamie Harrison with Fort Bend County EMS. She's recently been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and needs our help. And the response this month has been outstanding.

Reactions to our charity range from excitement to awe to relief. A charity devoted to EMS first responders has been lacking, sorely, for not just years but decades. We've known this but we, as individuals, had not been in positions to truly help. This has changed and we are excited to see the welcome from the public and other responders, current and former.

These are trying times for all of us. We want to make a difference, to add hope and relief where perhaps there had been none. Remember, each and every one of us can be a charity to our neighbor in need.

Thank you for your support!

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